Looking for Activities to Teach the Eigo Note?

Below are activities used in the EigoNoto.com lesson plans. Most require no materials or preparation! Several of the activities have video explanations in Japanese.
Take some time to look around- there's a lot more than just activities at EigoNoto.com!

Janken or Rock-Paper-Scissors

Janken 4's -No materials or preparation! -日本語のビデオ説めもある

THE warm-up activity beginning all of the EigoNoto.com lessons. Works for any language pattern- Teaches conversation skills, too! See an in-class explanation on video

Janken Conversation Rounds -No materials or preparation!

*This activity was chosen by a group of elementary teachers as the main activity for their English classes. It is the best way to teach and practice Conversation Skills. It can be used for meaning- or pattern-focus, and for all of the language structures.

Maru-Batsu (O/X) Game -No materials or preparation!

EigoNoto.com version of the classic Japanese game. Very powerful learning activity.

Hot Potato -No materials or preparation!

A small group creative substitution activity.

Get The Picture (GTP)

see an in-class explanation on video

Pair Karuta -No materials or preparation!

A very simple version of the classic game.

Interview Bingo

see an in-class explanation on video


Eraser/Keyword Game

Pair listening activity from the Eigo Noto text.

Ohajiki Game

Listening activity from the Eigo Noto text. A blend of Bingo & Karuta...


My version of the classic game. NOW it's really communicative! With a link to download the board.

Row Practice/Row Races -No materials or preparation!

Find 3 People -No materials or preparation!

Find 3 People-Tell the Teacher -No materials or preparation!

Liar! Liar! -No materials or preparation!

Hand Sandwich -No materials or preparation!

A fun way to finish off a pair activity (with a winner & loser).

Clue Bingo

Pair Slap -No materials or preparation!

Individual Student Translation

Short notes on how to lessen the stress...

Hebi Janken

Teams compete to get to the end of the line of vocabulary cards first.

Dictionary -(can be done with) No materials or preparation!

Builds an important skill for language learners- how to say a word they don't know!

Pictionary -(can be done with) No materials or preparation!

Builds an important skill for language learners- how to draw a word they don't know!

Gestionary -(can be done with) No materials or preparation!

Builds an important skill for language learners- how to act out a word they don't know!

WYAN- Word You Aleady Know. Students already know a lot of English words- prompt them to tell you what they already know!

Listen, Repeat and Point- Turn on students' power to remember.

Repeat and Change the Pattern Speaking- No materials or preparation!

A simple activity to help students perform short speeches.

Interactive Introduction- No materials or preparation!

A simple step-by-step way to introduce new language patterns. You do the speaking, the students learn the rest as a class.

Drawing an Explanation One Line at a Time- for Grade 5 Lesson 7 What's This?

Black Box Activity Adaptation- Let's all the kids participate, not just one at a time. For Grade 5 Lesson 7

Story Telling in Rounds

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

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English Picture Book Reading Club- start one at your kindergarten.
Letter-a-Week program for introducing the ABCs to young learners.
Teaching Conversation Skills- tools without know-how stay in the box. Maybe this why so many Japanese don't learn how to SPEAK English.

Using the Eigo Noto
The Goal- simply
Some Guidelines- from the Japanese Ministry of Education
Where Do We Go From Here- February 2010
Pro Says Eigo Noto Can Be Used Flexibly- from the Yomiuru Shimbun
Students Don't Have To Speak English (but some want to)
Is it a textbook or a workbook?
Is it an English Conversation Lesson?
What Are the EigoNoto Lessons About?
Finally Some Time to Teach Culture!
The Eigo Noto CD Is Too Fast!

Online Resources for Teaching EigoNoto
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Lesson Plans in English by Kairyudo- Grade 5   Grade 6
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Teaching English-Best Practices
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The Learning Pyramid- how we learn best
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Teaching for Life Long Learning
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Reviewing and Recycling

In Class- click to see all the posts
Opening Greetings
Greetings in MANY languages- maybe it's called EIGO Noto, but...
Classroom English
Teaching Conversation Skills- a little a day will make them English SPEAKERS, not just students of English
Focus on English Students Already Know
Mixed Ability Classes-the challenges and the opportunities
Maintaining Young Learners’ Attention
Demonstrate, Don’t Explain
Chants and Songs
Testing- nothing formal, but something we do everyday
Translating English to Japanese in the Classroom
Writing on the Blackboard
The CD Player- An HRT’s Best Friend
Using Dice in the Classroom-日本語のビデオ説めもある
Consolidation or matome/まとめ
Closing Greetings

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